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Courses for language teachers

Nie od razu Kraków zbudowano– workshops for people taking first steps in the profession.

Each of us once was a beginner. And everyone remembers how difficult it is to prepare your first lessons, so that they are interesting, practical, and above of all effective.
We have significant experience in methodological courses.

We helped many Polish teachers while they were starting to teach Polish language as a foreign language. Our experience is a base for a practical course held in the form of workshops.

Within 10 hours you will learn:

  • how to create dynamic lesson plans
  • how to write a dialogue or a text tailored to needs of your student
  • how to make your own exercises on the fluency (info gap, role play) and correctness (drills of different difficulty)
  • how to learn vocabulary effectively and quickly (TPR)
  • how and when you should indicate and correct mistakes
  • how to prepare a presentation as a slide show (vanishing dialogues and so on)
  • how Your students learn Polish…

Courses are held on weekends. If you are interested please contact us at the following e-mail address:  biuro@modern.edu.pl. Detailed information on courses, dates and prices is available in our office at the following number: 22 881 85 14.