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Define your level

Modern.edu offers Polish courses / Polish classes at seven levels. The levels were determined in accordance with the guidelines of the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language, and the guidelines of ALTE – The Association of Language Testers in Europe.

Here are levels at which we organize group Polish courses and individual Polish lessons. Starting from level A 1, each level is divided into two parts for greater efficiency, each of which includes 60 lessons of 45 minutes.

Level A0

Level A1

Level A2

Level B1

Level B2

Level C1

Level C2

A0If you are just starting your adventure with Polish language and you have never had any Polish lessons, you are at the level of A0.

Perhaps you know single words, you can introduce yourself, and you know some of the numerals or names for days of the week. However, you are not able to communicate in Polish language, or moreover read or write.

The course, which we offer at the level of A0 Survival, will prepare you for the course at the level of A1.

A1You are at level A1, if you understand basic commands.

You can talk on the basic issues, understand simple information. You can provide some basic information about yourself. You know a few verbs and you can use them in the present, past and probably future tense. You can cope with most everyday situations and communicate effectively (e.g. you can go shopping, order a meal in a restaurant, tell the taxi driver an address you want to go to and tell him which way to go).

You can read short simple texts. You can write on your own a short simple text.

A2You are at level A2, if you are able to express your requests, wishes and opinions in everyday situations.

You understand standard information, for example you can read information on product labels, and you understand texts on familiar subjects. You use dozens of verbs in the present, past and future tense. You can describe an object, for example your house. You understand questions about known issues, and you can ask questions.

You can write short formal letters.

B1You are at level B1, if you can talk using abstract terms related to culture.

You can talk about your job and career. You are able to specify a date without any problem. You can understand instructions, advertisements, news and articles with standard information, and non-standard information on current issues in a general sense. You can recount events from the past and talk  about your future plans. You can compare items and activities. Can you write letters, take notes. You can speak Polish language quite fluently. You still make some grammar mistakes, but they do not distort the quality of communication.

You have quite an extensive vocabulary.

b2You are at level B2, if you can speak fluently and spontaneously at general, specific, and abstract topics.

You can present your views and justify it. You use idioms and phraseological compounds in your statements. Your statements are grammatically correct. You can understand the main sense of long texts when written or spoken, and you can recount them. You can talk about the books you have recently read or movies that you have watched describing them in details.

You can write long stories without much of a problem.

C1You are at level C1, if fluent and spontaneous usage of Polish language in various spheres of life is not a problem for you.

You can comment on different topics even those you have not previously heard of. You can talk about your work, experience, and interests in details. You can describe your emotions, and describe and compare people and objects. You use phraseological compounds in your statements. You can easily understand newspaper articles, you can watch TV and listen to the radio. You can catch the hidden meaning in the text and nuances of the language.

You can write long text in terms of grammar and style.

C2You are at the level of C2, if you speak Polish language fluently.

Your statements are correct in terms of grammar and style. You have extended vocabulary in various fields. Commenting on any subject you use idioms, expressions, and phrases correctly. You posses the ability to grasp complex texts, both written and spoken, and you can be able to summarize texts. You understand everyday language, and you can capture the nuances of Polish language.

You can write texts on any topic, you can also take notes and write reports.