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How do we teach

Effectively. Reliably. Modern. With a passion. Learn Polish in a relaxed atmosphere.

Here is what our style of teaching is:

Communication is the key – in Modern.edu we will teach you how to communicate effectively in Polish language. And it is like that from the very first lesson at A0 level (Survival). We will give you a language tool that will allow you to communicate with the Poles and achieve your goals. With us you will acquire certain Polish language skills quickly. You will learn how to do in Polish many things, such as buying, ordering food in restaurants, communicating, arranging appointments and visits, etc. We guarantee that we will give you opportunity to speak a lot during your classes, not just listen to a monologue of your Polish language teacher.

Polish in Polish – our Polish language teachers address our students only in Polish language even if their students are still at A0 level. And their students understand them. It is achieved through the appropriate training, which all our teachers, regardless of seniority and experience, have to undergo. Please believe that even during your first class, you can communicate only in Polish language. Of course, teachers can speak foreign languages, so if it is necessary or required, they can communicate with students and explain things in a language other than Polish patiently.

The best materials – prepared especially for you to meet your language learning needs the best possible way. During your Polish lessons in Modern.edu you do not have to deal with things you are not interested in at all. For each level of teaching we have prepared a very detailed programme. Starting from level A 1.1 we use a series of textbooks called “Hurrra! Po polsku” considered the best books to learn Polish language in the market. We complement them with our own materials on certain grammatical issues or communication skills needed in real life situations if necessary.

Visualization – extremely important in learning Polish language. During each lesson your Polish language teacher will use a variety of visual means not only to make your classes more interesting, but above all to help you understand the specific communication issues or grammatical problems that may appear while communicating. So you will be watching the presentations, photographs, excerpts from films and TV series, fragments of popular television programmmes. For every level and every textbook we have prepared a number of presentations that effectively bring you in the context of the issues discussed in the certain unit. At the same time they allow you to get to know Polish culture and tradition better, so you understand the real situation of the country where you come to live.

Attractive activities – do not worry that you have come to attend another boring course, after which you will be left with confusion in your head. We promise that we will teach you how to use Polish language in practice instead of giving you theoretical knowledge of the Polish language. In our classes you will not get bored. We can make your learning fun and help you put together business and pleasure. Even if you find a certain grammar problem difficult, we will explain it to you in an accessible way, and then we will practise with you in an efficient, but also interesting and stimulating way. We have a wide range of teaching techniques that support the learning Polish language process.

Who will teach you?

You are surely curious who will teach you during your classes. We guarantee that as a student you will be in good hands, that is, experienced hands. Your lessons in Modern.edu will be run by excellent, highly qualified teachers who put whole their hearts into this work. In our school there are no random people.

Of course, all our teachers have university education, most of them linguistic education. Some are now working for their doctorates. Your Polish teachers prepare most of the material themselves, so that the Polish language course is a real answer to your personal needs.

Before we present you the profiles of some of our Polish teachers (we continually work with several people), here it is what we can guarantee Modern.edu students:

  • During the course of studying you will have one permanent Polish language teacher.
  • In case of your Polish language teacher’s absence, we will provide a replacement so you will not lose any single lesson.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with the cooperation of a particular Polish language teacher, we are always ready to change your permanent Polish teacher. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Your Polish language teacher is provided with constant methodological support.
  • During the course of studying you will be able to evaluate your Polish language teacher work and complete the evaluation form.