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Monika Krasucka

mkI studied Polish Studies at University of Warsaw, but it did not occur to me then that I would be teaching Polish language to foreigners one day. When being the third year of university, I went to New York, and everything became clear. I realized what I really wanted to do in my life. I liked so much the way I was taught English that I decided to use this method in teaching Polish language to foreigners. And I was lucky. In the pioneering Polish nineties a lot of foreigners came to Poland, among the others the American Peace Corps volunteers. One of the instructors led the excellent training in methodology, in which I participated. I can say that I learned the profession from the best.

I had a chance to develop newly acquired skills working for one of Warsaw private schools teaching Polish language to foreigners. After several years of working I have decided to try my hand as an owner of the Polish language school. My new adventure and also a great challenge began in 2009 and continues to this day. Teaching is my true passion. To say that I like what I do is just not enough. I still want to improve myself. If my time allows me, I participate in trainings and methodological workshops. In my profession you can never say “I know everything.” I love my work, also for the fact that it forces me to continuous improvement. Teaching is not a job for people who want to start work at 9:00 finish at 17:00 and say “I’m done for today”. So I would like to invite you to Modern.edu Polish Language School, where we teach Polish language with passion and full commitment.